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Ready for the big bite?

With more and more expatriate chefs bringing their culinary skills to the country, India's experiment with international cuisine has got a new bite. By Rouhan Sharma

What the public wants are classics properly done with a modern twist but not in a manner that is confusing. Too much fusion becomes confusion,” says Chef Ramon Alvarez Salto, executive...

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Tech talk

Hotelier India's Think Turf, Kolkata, presented by Samsung, brought together key hoteliers and highlighted the latest and best tech trends in the industry

Being social

A big revenue generator, social media is surpassing expectations for F&B promotions. By Rouhan Sharma



'Indian chefs are among the best in the world'

Jiggs Kalra hires only Indian chefs as he and his son Zorawar plan to take Indian cuisine worldwide

'It is a big honour to be a general manager'

Rex AG Nijhof, general manager, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel & Lakeside Chalet Marriott Executive Apartments, on why he loves his job

Engineer's edge

Focussing on energy savings, engineers are making a difference to the bottom lines. By Rouhan Sharma

Bedding down

Technology has elevated the sleep experience to a whole new level. By Mini Ribeiro

LG unveils ultra-efficient AC solutions

Projects 25% market share in room ACs by the end of the year

Dynamic preparation from Electrolux

From cutter-slicer to food processor, it's a smooth transition

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