A Patio Party Reviewed by Momizat on . Outdoor settings in hotels are usually beautified by nature itself; the correct choice of furniture can define a signature style to further enhance these locati Outdoor settings in hotels are usually beautified by nature itself; the correct choice of furniture can define a signature style to further enhance these locati Rating: 0
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A Patio Party

Outdoor settings in hotels are usually beautified by nature itself; the correct choice of furniture can define a signature style to further enhance these locations

Hotels are supposed to be a place of rest and rejuvenation replete with good food, luxurious stay, and great ambience. The furniture not only defines the opulence of these properties but also serves to convey their signature style.
The concept of the ‘outdoor living room’ has been picking up of late among hotels given that people prefer spending more time in the open. It is, thus, important that the outdoor areas of hotels and restaurants be adorned with comfortable furniture, soft lights, and plants that make guests feel comfortable during their stay and at the same time, are not at odds with the overall aesthetics of the property.

“The outdoor furniture at our hotel has been positioned around the resort to accentuate the landscape and foliage depicting the spectacular flora and fauna of the region. Considering this, many guests enjoy coming outdoors and relaxing after a dip in the pool or a soothing session at the spa,” said Shekhar Bhargava, executive director of Royal Orchids Beach Resort and Spa.

Wicker, wire or weather-proof—there’s a whole range of products out there for style- and design-conscious hotels. Transforming pools, terraces, balconies, verandas, and gardens, outdoor furniture can infuse new life in any of these areas.

The industry has come a long way in terms of design innovation, technique, and materials, which are far durable, stylish, and apt for the hospitality sector. Over the years, outdoor lifestyle has evolved beyond the cold, hard, and uncomfortable wrought-iron furniture laid over typical landscaping. Considering the tropical climate and dynamic weather conditions of India, there is a huge demand for furniture that requires less maintenance while coping with different weather. Parasols, chairs, dining sets, bars, swings, lounge sets, and sofa sets are some options manufacturers provide today. Modular seating is in vogue while modern wicker outdoor furniture and outdoor living products with tropical patterned cushions help create a classic Caribbean theme. Metal outdoor furniture sets lend a modern look with clean lines and bold designs and more classic design pieces are inspired by the English garden appeal.

Though there are several kinds of commercial outdoor furniture available in the market, selecting what fits the bill can be difficult. “Outdoor furniture is like an asset that adds value to your space. Due to their technical advancement, they are almost maintenance free but one has to be careful while selecting the same. Shape, size, comfort, and style are other important factors that also play a key role for patio furniture. Hence, opting for the design that is dirt repellent, durable, and environment-friendly with lifelong warranty is critical. For utmost comfort and outdoor luxury, choose furniture that has cushions that won’t get ruined by rain or storm. Find waterproof or something that can easily be cleaned,” noted Sapna Aggarwal, creative director of Ansa Interiors.

Given that materials play a critical role, she added that synthetic resin tops the list while selecting the best patio furniture as it is stylish and yet it is highly durable and light weight. Apart from this wood, wicker, teak, and cherry wood are also great options as they are durable, sturdy as well as appealing. Furthermore, it is also advisable to select furniture that has synthetic fibres, which is UV stabilised for all weather conditions such as rain, heat, and snow.
With the foreign market opening up, plenty of outdoor furniture has stormed the Indian market. These chic pieces of furniture are available in avant-garde styles for flexible uses. Crafted from quality materials, brands offer collections that appeal to the unique style and design of the hotel and resort environments.

A hotel’s functionality defines its need. If the decor is modern, then modern wicker outdoor furniture such as sofas, love seats, coffee tables, reclining chairs, and side tables are perfect. To set up an outdoor kitchen or poolside dining area, aluminium outdoor furniture sets make for the ideal choice.

The most important thing to bear in mind is the weathering of furniture outdoors. Hence, it is advisable to limit the choices to maintenance-free, weatherproof options that are not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing options but are functional. It is equally important to select furniture according to the natural flow of the decor. Landscape designers give immense consideration to understand the hotel’s outdoor furniture goals, the types of entertainment activities, space availability, any landscaping schemes, and how all of this blends with the hotel’s interiors. Thus, the selection of outdoor furniture depends immensely on the design theme of the hotel. Every structure has its own theme and interior concept.
Outdoor spaces are designed keeping in mind the need-based orientation of a property–these include extensions of the lounge lobby, the bar, coffee shop, and, in some cases, the rooms, too, which have small balcony spaces. Hotels usually provide spaces to lounge or relax and, in conjunction with this, the furniture has to offer supreme comfort.

Outdoor furniture is not just restricted to tables and chairs and also includes planters, rugs, and sculptures that add to the aesthetics of any space. Even poolside furniture like the deck-side tables and lounges, and formal and informal sitouts cater to various gatherings of people. Not to forget party furniture such as outdoor bar counters and bar stools that comprise a huge market on their own.

Idus Furniture Store offers one of the largest varieties of all-weather outdoor furniture in contemporary designs, using indigenous raw material. The collection comprises the elegantly designed daybed and seating that are made out of rattan loops that artistically imbibes the combination of the old world with modish designs, shapes, and curves fastening rattan onto different frames to create a variety of forms. Each seating is made firm and durable with a coating of weather-resistant polish to prevent any wear out.

The refinement of the indoor market, in terms of fabric quality and cushion comfort, is rapidly being brought to the outdoors. This, in turn, has also led to accessories such as outdoor carpets, lighting, and deco¬rative articles gaining in popularity immensely. Suppliers are making more customised designs available for hotels with each player looking to introduce their newest innovations.

To complement the landscape and the furniture, lighting plays an important role to bind them together. Realising this, Nomita Kohli of Wisma Atria Interiors launched an exquisite collection of designer outdoor lighting. The array of this lighting comprises elegant designs of pendant lights and a sole lamp that could infuse an elite decorative element to illuminate outdoor spaces. These light fixtures are made by pairing synthetic resin and metal, such as iron, to complement the rustic-inspired modern look of the furniture.

Ultimately, the style and class of the furniture and fittings utilised inside any hotel gain merit on the sheer external presentation it provides. Thoughtfully designed outdoor hospitality products can create lasting impressions—adding gleam to the success of the hospitality industry.

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