Andreas Mattmuller
Andreas Mattmuller

In India, where can one expect to soon see the Mövenpick flag?
After this 180-room hotel in Bengaluru, we will open the 127-room Dharamshala property in Kangra Valley. We’re also
got plans for a 125-room hotel in Jaipur, a 108-room hotel in Udaipur and a 250-room hotel in Mumbai. A 250-room
hotel in Noida NCR, a 200-room Kolkata property, a 160-room hotel in Chennai and a 100-room hotel in Kochi are all
under discussion.
We would definitely be interested in having a resort in Goa and we’re pursuing Agra and Pune as locations for
Mövenpick hotels.

Do you have a five-year goal for India in terms of footprint?
Yes, we would like to have a footprint of 10 to 12 hotels In India by then.

What prompted the choice of Bengaluru for your maiden hotel?
The city is moving. Obviously Mumbai and Delhi are the most significant cities. Next in line, as I see, is Bengaluru.
It has positioned itself internationally, thanks to its IT sector.
A few years ago, I worked in Hong Kong. Even then, I’d heard of Bengaluru and done business with companies in the
city. Our IT people used to come here all the time and they couldn’t find rooms available. Often they had to stay in
Chennai and travel to Bengaluru for meetings. I could see that Bengaluru is one of the key cities and it was the
first opportunity presented itself to us. Also, I think if we had started with the Dharamshala property first, it
would have been more difficult.
Mumbai and Delhi remain important and we’ve signed agreements in both cities as well.

Mumbai’s fragmenting CBDs are seeing lots of supply in various parts. What has Mövenpick chosen and why?

We are opening our Mumbai hotel in Andheri, near the international airport. The city is moving in that direction and
I’m aware that there are many hotels there and with lots of supply coming in and a good amount of development in the
zone I know that there are plans for a new airport in Mumbai but I’m certain that that we’ll have to cross that
bridge quite some time
from now.

What segments are you tapping in Bengaluru?
First of all we will definitely focus on the domestic market because there are 700 million opportunities. India’s GDP
was almost 6% when Europe was bankrupt.
Business travellers are an obvious focus here. We’ll look at VFR and MICE. And also we go after the local market in
terms of F&B – I believe that its a good strategy to never neglect the local market. After all, as part of your
environment they are the easiest to bring into the hotel – also for their social gatherings – we have lawns and
ballroom space precisely to cater to that demand.
And there is opportunity to create a ready market for our properties overseas by popularising the brand among the
domestic and local markets.