Dominic hopes to take his successful company international
Dominic hopes to take his successful company international

Kerala’s CGH Earth, one of the most identifiable ‘Indian’ resort companies is planning an international format. Ashiya, Japan, is likely to be the first international location.

“We are interested in taking CGH Earth global on format that stays true to our core values,” said Jose Dominic, MD & CEO, CGH Earth.

The Ashiya plan was initiated by a long time Japanese guest who is willing to invest in the resort. The plan is in an advanced stage, though two key issues are to be sorted out. The Japanese guest does not have business management expertise while CGH Earth is hesitant to incorporate a company there.

Dominic prefers the franchise model. “Rather than us, it is more efficient to let the local partner incorporate the company. It is a mammoth process for us to set up an office in each country for a resort or two. We provide the idea and philosophy,” said Dominic.

Also, contrary to popular belief, the CGH Earth model is a reflection of the immediate environment rather than being India-centric. Dominic is working on his international model based on this approach where resorts may have a blend of local and Indian services.

Countries explored so far are Germany and Japan, though Dominic is confident a larger footprint is possible once the model is finalised.