Jurgen Wolf, MD, Hafele India.
Jurgen Wolf, MD, Hafele India.

Hafele, the hardware technology provider of solutions such as furniture fittings, architectural hardware and Dialock, an electronic locking system, has recently launched an exclusive range of lighting solutions ‘Ambience’.

This lays emphasis on LED (light-emitting diode) sources that rate high on energy-conservation while providing a perfect ambience.

LED strips creatively highlight and accentuate furniture details and, due to minimal space requirement, are useful in highlighting design features such as gaps and shaped items.

Besides offering decorative lighting solutions for all areas of a hotel, ‘Ambience’ lighting products provide a long life of 35,000-50,000 burning hours, need less maintenance and extremely low power consumption, while emitting less heat as compared to conventional lighting systems.

Said Jurgen Wolf, managing director, Hafele India Pvt Ltd: “Lighting is used in every corner of a hotel and often contributes 30% or more to the overall electricity consumption of a property. However, Hafele’s versatile range of lighting solutions with varied functionalities is exclusively based on low energy sources like LED and CFL; additionally, as most hotels these days are taking a keen interest in planning their lighting to reduce their carbon footprint by substantially reducing the electricity bills, we have completely banned wasteful incandescent lights sources from the ‘Ambience’ lighting range of Hafele.”

These lighting solutions are also easy to install due to state-of-the-art technologies such as plug-and-play and low voltage lighting. In a hotel, these lights can provide guest room bright general lighting or cove lighting, to create the apt ambience.

It is also a good choice for internal cabinet task lighting within the wardrobes and other cabinets to add convenience for guests, while built-in spotlights on artefacts can add a sense of style and elegance to the overall hotel décor. Moreover, Hafele lighting range complies with all European safety standards providing functionality, high quality and convenience.
Added Wolf: “The lighting in a guestroom requires the utmost of flexibility to suit the needs and tastes of different guests. With the ‘Ambience’ range, hotels can set or change the mood of the same room in many ways.”

Häfele’s headquarters and four manufacturing plants are in Germany. Since the opening of its subsidiary office in India in 2003, the company has established branch offices and design centers all over the country, building a comprehensive dealer network and franchisee base.