About HOTEL BUILD 2018

The Hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key growth drivers amongst India’s services sectors in India. It contributes to 6.23 percent to the national GDP and 8.78 percent of the total employment in the country according to a report by the Planning Commission. Constant transformation, functional growth and improving standards have gained the hospitality industry of India approval from all over the world. HOTEL BUILD 2018 will bring in leading owners, hoteliers, developers, development heads, project heads, chief engineers, architects, technology heads and purchase heads from across India to share their knowledge and discuss the latest trends when it comes to the hospitality business.

The conclave will comprise more than 150 participants from the hospitality sector who will deliberate on the key topics through interactive discussions, power packed CEO’s panel and group interactions on current trends, strategies and emerging business opportunities where they share their best practices and experiences. This is a great platform for attendees to learn new things as more than 25-plus hospitality experts take a lead in sharing their thoughts and ideas.

HOTEL BUILD 2018 focuses on hotel up gradation and development; it gathers top-ranking professionals from the hospitality industry – developers, construction companies, architects, solution providers, consultants, etc. The platform elaborates on commercial challenges, operational efficiency and updated technologies required for guaranteeing customer satisfaction and success.

About Hotelier India

Hotelier India is the most preferred magazine for the hospitality business. It delivers vital information about industry trends, successful policies and practices being adopted by the trade, in-depth reports on various aspects from key decision makers and people who matter. It covers major facets of the industry, ranging from business trends and best practices to conducting insightful interviews, case studies and delivering key market intelligence.
Hotelier India counts key decisionmakers as central to its readership profile. This includes MDs, presidents, chairpersons, CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, CFOs, vice-presidents, project heads, consultants and general managers, as well as heads of various departments in the hospitality industry.

Industry Speaks

Public Relation Officer

Amitabh Tyagi

VP and Head -Technical services, Taj Hotels

“All I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed the session and it was great to meet people from all parts of hospitality industry under one roof, some of whom have been good friends since years.”

Marketing Executive

Deepak Uppal

Executive Director, Vatika Hotels

“Many thanks for including me in the Hotel build conference. It was enriching, discussions were stimulating and fruitful. I am delighted to have participated in the event”

Chief Executive Officer

Ritu Bhatia Kler

Managing Director, Total Integrated Design (TID) India

Thanks for the invite to speak. I enjoyed the experience! I am impressed by the well organised seminar and the timely execution of the sessions. The topics and knowledge of the speakers/panelists overall added value to the 2 days. It was also good to meet the suppliers of related products and I will be in touch with them further.”

2018 Speakers

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Topics of discussion

1) The Inc. Talks

In the opening panel of the forum, hotel owners and investors talk about the development of new projects by shedding light on the hottest markets and envisioning the future of the hotel economy
• Understanding key drivers from the stakeholders to enter into the hotel build segment
• Defining the existing market trends and demand
• Analysing trends in management contracts between the hotel operator and property developer
• Working around challenges surrounding land acquisition, several licences, structural design challenges with operators, architects, interior designers, developers amongst others
• Identifying the optimal suppliers across several categories and negotiating to get the maximum ROI and at the same time getting best product and services for your hotels

2) A discourse with the Think Tanks of the industry
The discussion provides a platform for hotel executives, from both corporate level and property level, to discuss and debate on key development and operational issues
• Changes in the way hotels are built - methods, timeline, etc. - in the last few decades.
• Transition in hotel design in the Indian context.
• Which hotels have done things differently and succeeded?
• Are operating teams included as a part of the design review team?
• With changing profile of guests, how is hotel design changing in the evolving industry?
• How is technology influencing design and customer experience? Are we still scared to take the leap in technology influenced design in India?
4) IT & IoT: Exploring the building tech blocks of a hotel
Hotel CIOs, CTOs and Information Officers discuss how existing and emerging technologies can support and help grow new revenue sources, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service standards
• How to implement technology at the early stages of a project?
• How to better understand the where and when of future demand and optimise pricing to bridge gaps and capture opportunity?
• How to align revenue management and marketing from people, process and technology perspectives to turn data into action and results?
• Leveraging Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence for increased development efficiency
• Technology Showcase: How to use mobile technology to increase RevPAR and improve guest satisfaction
3) Leveraging the dynamics of Design
Effective inter-working with architects, interior designers and project managers to navigate the everchanging design landscape of the hospitality industry and to ensure optimal per key development cost
• Working around speedy hotel construction and build techniques that will ensure reduction in delays
• Leveraging critical learnings from domestic and international experts on ways to effectively minimise per key development cost and implementing the same in India
• Delving on the importance of branding and signages in the industry
• Weighing out the option of using pre-fabricated elements in hotels that can reduce the cost of development and build
• How technology has changed development techniques and methodologies

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