Jury Speak: Nominate to win Reviewed by Momizat on . Everyone wants to win! As the nomination deadline for the third edition of Hotelier India Awards draws near, we spoke to the jury to help guide the contenders. Everyone wants to win! As the nomination deadline for the third edition of Hotelier India Awards draws near, we spoke to the jury to help guide the contenders. Rating:
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Jury Speak: Nominate to win

Everyone wants to win! As the nomination deadline for the third edition of Hotelier India Awards draws near, we spoke to the jury to help guide the contenders. Since the awards honour individuals rather than institutions, your nomination form is crucial.
Time is of essence and brevity in responses accompanied by substantiation would be welcome, they said. As one of the jury pointed out, “Use bullet points for clear presentation and include the financial or operating impact of the contribution for which you are claiming excellence.” Validation and any information that shows measurable contributions will help guarantee objectivity. Guest satisfaction scores, comments and audit-related information are high on the list of requirements. Team comments will also have significance as will innovations big and small. Chain-wide initiatives are great, but individuals must be able to show the difference they have made to a property or their job.
Nominees will earn brownie points for exceeding guest expectations and industry best practices, for their contribution to the community and the environment. With HR becoming a priority, stability in jobs is also going to count this year. For all categories, examples of team building are not only useful but necessary, as are examples of contribution to cost reduction.

Anil Madhok,
Managing Director, Sarovar Hotels
Jury speak:
“Each position would have a different scope. In general, besides having good knowledge of his job, performance of his hotel or department, I would look at leadership qualities, efforts in developing his subordinates, ability for creativity and capacity to implement those ideas.
Nominees must include:
The person’s involvement in the community and his contribution to the same will also count. I think we have to look all around and not just one criterion can be the basis of the award.”


Chender Baljee,
CMD, Royal Orchid Hotels
Jury speak:
“Hotels are often judged by their decor or by the rates they are offering. This gives us opportunity to judge by how today’s team addresses issues faced by the hotel industry – manpower, skill development. We may also look environment initiatives, particular garbage or waste disposal.
Nominees must include:
The details in their forms must include innovations which are responsive to the market such as creating diabetic friendly menus or catering to special needs is also another factor. Internal audits or tripadvisor scores will be helpful to quantify performance. Revenue percentage can be misleading because it may not be in that person’s hands because it is market related.”

Dilip Puri
MD, India and regional VP, South Asia, Starwood Asia Pacific Hotels and Resorts
Jury speak:
“I will look at skill level, competencies, attitude, quality of experience offered and the importance and relevance of the individual’s submission for the nomination. I’ll also be judging them from the impact they have made on top line or bottom line or guest satisfaction or employee satisfaction indices. This also creates a level playing field across categories.
Nominees must include:
Tangible outcome as a result of the nominee’s initiatives and the level of impact on their property’s business. I think that the forms must show some kind of validation, not necessarily any major documentation. There should be a way of making an independent validation.”


Dipak Haksar
Chief Operating Officer, ITC Luxury Collection & WelcomHotels
Jury speak:
“I want to see nominees who show calibre, experience, who contribute to the industry, have other accolades and show innovativeness. For example a GM’s form should include the market perception of his hotel and how he has dealt with the media, average rates vis-a-vis the other hotels, RevPAR, occupancy, customer feedback and any innovations that he may have made at the hotel.
Nominees must include:
Documentation must be complete but precise. You are selling yourself, in a sense, so the shorter and clearer, the better. Presentation by carving out the most relevant data is important. I would like forms that are transparent and show quantifiable differences that the individual has made.”

KB Kachru
Executive Vice President – South Asia, Carlson Hotels, Asia Pacific, Carlson
Jury speak:
“I want to award people who are exceptional, who exceed our industry’s expectations. For instance, from a GM nominee, I would like to see how he has exceeded guest expectations, how he has delivered on the bottomoline and what ROI he has offered his investor. This can be further broken down into the property’s RevPAR, increase in occupancy. Has he has tapped a new revenue stream and how this has translated into increased revenue? What he has done for the welfare of the community and the environment?
Nominees must include:
As far as possible and relevant, I would like to see financial proof of contribution. It would help be objective if their claims are backed by factual data. Forms must be concise, precise and meaningful.”


Manav Thadani
Chairman, HVS South Asia and Director, Samhi
Jury speak:
“I feel like we should look more closely at stability and how much a person has learned from and contributed to his job. Youngsters tend to switch jobs too often resulting in credit not going to a predecessor who might have actually made the difference.
Nominees must include:
Documents are important to maintain objectivity. Often it is left to the panel of judges who sometimes can’t help but give into bias especially when it is someone they know – the rest of the judges feel that the decision of the one or two judges who has met the nominee should be final, resulting in loss of objectivity. As an independent jury member I think measurable contributions would avoid any subjectivity.”

Rajiv Kaul
President, The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts
Jury speak:
“In the third year, I think the awards have really caught the imagination of the industry so I’m sure nominees view this with a sense of pride. In order of significance, I’d look at the individual’s passion for the job, proven performance leadership, honesty and whether he is a shining example of what hospitality should be. A summary of achievements should be available with forms.
Nominees must include:
He should include work history, examples of very good performance and documents that show visible excellence. If further details are available, we should be able to request them.”


Rajeev Menon
Area Vice President India, Malaysia, Maldives & Australia, Marriott International
Jury speak:
“Attention to detail is important. Results, if not measurable, do not mean much. Then, is there really a passion for excellence in his field? It should come through in the documentation that they are the best at what they do. Specific and focussed deliverables that demonstrate how they stack up against others. I would also like to see how engaged they are in the community and in protecting the environment. In training and developing their teams irrespective of categories.
Nominees must include:
Percentage growth of revenue is good. Even in HR almost every company has measurebality. They should include details such as how much have you grown against last year.”

Rattan Keswani,
President, Trident Hotels
Jury speak:
I want to look at the quality of focus that the individual has in property maintenance. I would like to see guest responses and comments and feedback from other staff members about the individual.
Nominees must include:
Validation or documents that prove consistency on data and performance, rather than a one off for the year. Feedback data in one-sheeters on the above mentioned points would be good. ”

Vijay Thacker
Director, Horwath India
Jury speak:
“Since we’re awarding excellence, then the nominee must display excellence in the his area of work. One is certainly not looking for a great volume of paper or verbosity. I want to see what the individual has fostered himself or for his particular property rather than simply as a part of the chain otherwise we’re awarding people for merely implementing what is actually a chain initiative.
Nominees must include:
Not everyone knows how to write reports and not everyone can be succinct and express a point clearly. But your nomination form must clearly indicate and reflect what you have done. While the text may not be very significant, factual accuracy most certainly is.”

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