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The material men Rana Chaudhuri, manager, materials and procurement, The Oberoi Group, Mumbai

The material men

A backstage function, purchasing and materials is receiving much more attention. By Rouhan Sharma

Being able to source and acquire the best quality products at the best possible costs is a measure of a hotel’s procurement power. In many

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'My focus is on creating exemplary guest experience'

Virender Razdan, GM, ITC Windsor, on what it takes to orchestrate his colleagues to a flawless symphony. Interviewed by Fathima Zahra Ali

'My focus is on creating exemplary guest experience'

'ITC Grand Chola was pre-destined to be iconic'

Ranvir Bhandari, regional VP, south & GM, ITC Grand Chola, Chennai, talks about positioning ITC's marquee property among the celebrated hotels of the world and more. Interviewed by Rouhan Sharma

'ITC Grand Chola was pre-destined to be iconic'
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