ITC Hotels bows in gratitude of COVID-19 healthcare and frontline workers; honours their contribution with a heartfelt Namaste

The lights of few rooms were illuminated to form the folded hand gesture

ITC Hotels, Solidarity, Coronavirus pandemic, Namaste symbol

ITC Hotels illuminated their façade to express gratitude and solidarity towards frontline and healthcare workers who have been risking their lives and working tirelessly to keep everybody safe amid pandemic.

As a mark of respect, love and hope, the hotel  formed a symbol of India’s traditional gesture of warm hospitality- Namaste which is also a symbolic logo of ITC Hotels. The lights of few rooms were  illuminated to form the folded hand gesture.

All ITC Hotels across India including ITC Grand Central, ITC Royal Bengal, ITC Chola among others were illuminated in the traditional gesture of Indian warm hospitality. The symbol also signifies that the ITC Hotels is keen on welcoming the guest with same warmth and hospitality.

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