Bangladesh contributes the most to India’s FTAs

Beating the US and UK, Bangladesh tops the list of sending most tourists to India!

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India’s tourism is a real tour de force! India can now revel in the news that it is one of the top tourist destinations of the world. Contributing to this feat is India’s neighbour, Bangladesh. A big surge in tourist arrivals was reported by the Ministry of Tourism and according to the data provided by them, Bangladesh bet USA and UK to gain the top position of being the biggest source of market for foreign tourists coming to India. The consistent increase is with respect to the overall foreign tourist arrivals as well as the earnings of foreign exchange over the years of 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Statistics given by the Ministry of Tourism to parliament show that from the US, 12,96,939 tourists and from Bangladesh, 13,80,409 tourists arrived in 2016. The Bangladesh numbers saw a significant increase in 2017 as they jumped to 21,56,557 whereas from US, the numbers increased minimally with an addition of 1 lakh more tourists. The UK maintained a steady flow of tourists towards India with around 9 lakh of them visiting in the year 2016-17. In 2018, Bangladesh peaked with 22,56,675 tourists arriving in India and another lakh addition by the US. The UK numbers increased to 10,29,757 in 2018. A sharp contrast was seen in the tourism trends from Pakistan. There, the numbers fell from 1,04,720 in 2016 to 44,266 in 2017 and a dismal 41,659 in 2018.

As per the report by Ministry, Tamil Nadu was the most sought-after destination of India. In 2018, Tamil Nadu saw the most visits by foreign tourists among individual states, these were over 60 lakh. In 2018, Tamil Nadu saw the most visits by foreign tourists among individual states, these were over 60 lakh. Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh lagged behind with over 50 lakhs and 37 lakh visits. Delhi, in the fourth place, saw 27,40,502 tourist visits. Rajasthan, in the last place, saw around 17 lakh tourists visit the state.
The fee collected in the US billion dollars from per million foreign tourist arrivals (FTAs) differs for the three years in focus. In 2016, 8.80 FTAs generated 22,923 billion in fees. While in 2017, 10.04 FTAs equaled to 27,310 billion dollars in fees. The year 2018, saw an all-time increase with 10.56 FTAs coinciding with 28,586 billion fees.

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