AH International launches Graupera and LinDNA in India

Graupera is range of luxurious yet sophisticated ceramic tableware; LinDNA brings a nature-inspired range

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Ah International, a brand known for their hospitality solutions which are derived from sourcing and manufacturing products tailor suited to their clients’ needs have launched Graupera and LinDNA in India.

Graupera is a range of luxurious yet sophisticated ceramic tableware. With all the products made from the elements of nature, earth, water and fire, Ceràmiques Graupera, fused the roots of classic ceramic elaboration with modern designs thus maintaining a sense of natural essence. This tableware range from Graupera resist direct fire, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers as well as freezing. While the brand offers a wide range of models, sizes and colours to help give your set-up the luxurious presentation it deserves, they also supply you with personalised items as well as creating specially designed pieces in various sizes and colours to ensure your needs are always met.

LinDNA, a modern, sustainable and timeless table top collection has also been inspired by nature. LindDNA makes table setting and decoration more fun and creative for everyone with a hint of Danish designs. The backbone of LinDNA’s designs is high-quality recycled leather made up of 80 per cent hard leather and 20 per cent natural rubber from trees which is dyed and decorated with beautiful surface structures and patterns. What’s more, the table top pieces hold outstanding physical characteristics, such as being water repellent, durable and easy to clean.

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