Best Western India's CEO, Sudhir Sinha talks about the secret of brand's success globally and his upcoming plans

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Best Western is a global success story that doesn’t follow any corporate mantra. It is one based on the basic human habit of seeking references which has lead the brand to becoming the ‘world’s largest hotel family’. What started as a referral system of motels and inns on the highways of the USA in 1947 has grown to become the world’s largest chain of hotels in 65 years, with more than 4,200 hotels across the world. “Even today we use the same system, only the way it is used has changed,” reveals Sudhir Sinha, CEO Best Western India as he prepares for the next Best Western opening in Bhatinda.
A placard is mandatory to be placed in the lobbies of every hotel asking the guests to contact the toll free number if travelling to any destination to connect with the nearest Best Western – new face of the referral system in India. “A referral has the advantage of someone’s experience attached to it and hence readily accepted,” Sinha says, explaining the secret of the brand’s success globally.
In the US, the brand still follows the old system, where it is a consortium of hotels and not even an incorporated company. “It is like the Rotary or Lions club. Everybody works for the welfare of the entire community. That’s how the brand grew over the years with money flowing back into the system. In fact, with investments happening regularly into sales, promotion, marketing, etc. we do a hundred and ten thousand room nights every night – the largest in the world,” he reveals.

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