Brewing it right: In conversation with Sethia of Newby Teas UK

N.K.Sethia, Chairman and Founder of Newby Teas UK explains significance of selecting right quality tea

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Hotelier India caught up with N.K.Sethia, Chairman and Founder of Newby Teas UK who explained the significance of selecting the right quality tea as well as improper practices that prevail in the industry. Newby Teas made its entry into the Indian market in 2010 and ever since, it has grown as a premium brand present in more than a hundred luxury hotels across the country.

“The world’s population, and the tea trade have both expanded, while quality has constantly declined. The concept of fine tea has been buried. People think ‘tea is just tea’ – throw the leaves in boiling water, add milk, sugar and drink it. The medicinal benefits are unknown,” feels Sethia. When asked about the processes Newby Tea adopts to maintain the quality of their product, Sethia explained, “We believe in the concept of ‘preservation’ – preserving not just the character of the product, but also its history. Our emphasis is on the selection of tea from the best tea growing regions of the world.”

Sethia claimed that tea was considered one of the greatest gifts in the 19th century and this can become a reality once again with Newby Teas. “The most effective method of spreading awareness is through digital marketing,” he says.

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