Mahindra Resorts to be converted to temporary Coronavirus care facilities

Mahindra Group has offered to to make ventilators at their manufacturing units to help fight the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

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With 415 positive cases of coronavirus, the novel coronavirus outbreak has made a massive impact on India's healthcare supplies. Cases are likely to increase manifold in the coming months, according to medical authorities. As the public health emergency threatens to hamper the country's healthcare system, Industrialist Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group, has offered to convert Mahindra Holiday resorts as temporary care facilities and to make ventilators at Mahindra manufacturing units to help fight the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Mahindra Group will immediately begin work to explore how its factories could make ventilators, Mahindra said on Sunday, as the spike in Covid-19 positive cases turns the spotlight on the need for life-saving and critical care equipment. The Mahindra Group which has also presence in the hospitality sector and owns Mahindra Holidays, a network of holiday resorts, has also offered to convert some of them into temporary quarantine facilities, as authorities expect more cases to be detected as testing facilities increase.

On making ventilators, Mahindra said, "A lockdown over the next few weeks will help flatten the curve & moderate the peak pressure on medical care. However, we need to create scores of temporary hospitals & we have a scarcity of ventilators. To help in the response to this unprecedented threat, we at the Mahindra Group will immediately begin work on how our manufacturing facilities can make ventilators. At Mahindra Holidays, we stand ready to offer our resorts as temporary care facilities. Our Projects team stands ready to assist the Govt/Army in erecting temporary care facilities."

The Mahindra Foundation will create a fund to assist the hardest hit in the value chain (small businesses & the self-employed). Mahindra said, “We will encourage associates to voluntarily contribute to the Fund. I will contribute 100% of my salary to it & will add more over the next few months. I urge all our various businesses to also set aside contributions for those who are the hardest hit in their ecosystems."

He also went on to warn that it is highly likely that India is already in stage 3 of transmission of coronavirus.

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