Poona Hoteliers Association seeks interim relief from Maharashtra CM amidst COVID-19 crisis

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Poona Hoteliers Association (PHA), a non-profit entity working in the interest of industry stakeholders has written to the honourable Chief Minister on behalf of its member hotels, restaurants and allied institutions seeking relief for the losses incurred due to COVID-19 crisis.

In the light of the drastic fall in occupancies and customers at the restaurants, PHA in its submission has requested the Maharashtra government for assistance in offering relief in license fees, levies, taxes, duties and GST on various amenities including electricity, fuel, excise and municipal levies to tide over the current crisis.

"Our effort is merely to draw the attention of the Government towards the plight of Hoteliers and the industry which is the single largest generator of employment in the country. A favourable consideration will help the industry save several jobs which are under threat right now, apart from keeping several ancillary businesses afloat. There are many families dependent upon employment generated directly and directly by the industry and we only seek to do our bit to ensure we keep the kitchen fuel burning in their homes", said Sharan Shetty, President of PHA.

PHA has also sent copies of the appeal to relevant departments like the Tourism Ministry, Maharashtra, Commissioners of PMC and PCMC and the Hon'ble Collector of Pune.

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