What happens when Earth re-opens after COVID-19

Governments of the world will be adopting emergency measures to manage the crisis, moving forward.

Earth re-opens after COVID-19, COVI-19 epidemic, Section 144 during coronavirus

Igniting hope among the masses, countries and global organisations have already starting extending the helping hand so as to make sure that we are not left broken post the COVI-19 epidemic.

“Even in a crisis that is unprecedented in living memory, you will always find people who are ready to help,” this statement has indeed come true to the people all over the world at a time when human race is fighting against the one of the worst ‘unseen’ enemy. We were aware of the danger coronavirus possessed. But all hell broke loose when World Health Organisation declared it as a pandemic, it changed how we live our daily lives, overnight.

COVID-19 has brutally impacted every nation of the world. The number, rising day-by-day, is enough to threaten a nation’s core foundation, and its health care systems; even the more-developed economies are not in denial of the threat that is looming over their citizens’ heads. In this light, the economic and credit implications have sharply worsened. In addition to the human cost, uncertainty about the speed of the spread has sent financial markets into a tailspin, weighed on business across industries and sectors, and has likely plunged the global economy into recession.

In an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus, countries have announced the closure of airports, hotels, restaurants and bars, public gatherings and in India, a milder version of Section 144 has been imposed for the betterment of the people so as to avoid large public gatherings. However, to fight their hardest battle ever, the countries and people are coming up with ways to help their own and their neighbours (people and countries).

The hope and means to survive post the outbreak

COVID-19 is 9/11 to the world. We only have known history to unfold in such an unorderly manner with all those world wars and world epidemics, however, this two months has scrambled our nervous system and caused deep shock. But the positivity of everything is at one part there are people and countries who are trying to come up with a remedy against coronavirus and there is other part which is already building up fail-proof plan to ‘live another day’ and get things back on track for the human race.

The world we know is slowly dissolving or evolving (a little positivity here!). What happens if Earth survives this deadly virus and what would the life be when it is all done and dusted? Every single person on planet Earth will then would have lead two lives; instead of returning to a life of normalcy, we would be juggling between the time before and after corona (a BC and AC!).

It is true that the world won’t be the same after COVID-19. But we also need to mention the good things out of it so that the hope and means to survive the outbreak stay.  

Terming the coronavirus pandemic as a "crisis of a magnitude that we have never faced before" Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra on Thursday asked employees of the conglomerate to use the lockdown period to relook at personal and professional way of life to prepare for the future and to serve the "post corona world". Mahindra reiterated what he had suggested during the last global recession on how to use the "down time to Reboot, Reinvent and Reignite" through introspection of the way things are currently done and then doing them better.

Governments of the world will be adopting emergency measures to manage the crisis. Nitin Pai, Co-founder and Director, The Takshashila Institution, an independent centre for research and education in public policy in an opinion piece said, “Recent epidemics, starting with SARS, and including H1N1, Ebola, Zika and now Covid-19, will drive more talent and brainpower to the biological and epidemiological sciences. In response to the impact of the current coronavirus pandemic, national governments, international organisations and philanthropic foundations will prioritize investments in public health.”

The critical few weeks

As of now, the world is preoccupied with containing the spread of the virus to think of anything else. No one has seriously applied their minds to the enormous consequences of the pandemic. How will it impact that country which has never given up hopes of staging a dramatic return to the global high table. And what will be the effects on globalisation, as countries and communities retreat into their shells as a form of self-preservation?

There will be a radical departure from our set routines. People would be spending more time at their home and with families. Many are arguing that maybe as good as time as any to reflect on the state of modern civilisation and contemplate alternative approaches.

COVID-19 will create a world that is less free, less prosperous, and less open. It did not have to be this way, the human inhibiting Earth with adequate planning and leadership can place humanity on a new and ever-explored path.

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