Lemon Tree Hotels’ Rest Assured program ups the game on the hygiene and safety protocols

The company has executed a new set of house rules and preventive measures, to be followed by guests, visitors and team members within each property, to maximise safety and hygiene

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Lemon Tree Hotels has launched an innovative health and hygiene program Rest Assured, an initiative showcasing the company’s commitment to creating an environment focused on health, hygiene, safety and wellbeing. The program was launched in partnership with Diversey.

As part of the initiative, the company has executed a whole new set of house rules and preventive measures to be followed by guests, visitors and team members within each property, to maximise safety and hygiene. The enhanced safety and hygiene programme emphasises social distancing norms across each property.

Vikramjit Singh, President, Lemon Tree Hotels, states, “We have spent the lockdown researching, benchmarking and implementing stringent cleanliness, sanitisation and social distancing protocols across our properties. The safety and wellbeing of our guests and team members are of the utmost importance to us, and we want everyone to rest assured that they are in safe hands. As part of the new cleanliness and hygiene standards, we have collaborated with Diversey, a global leader in this space. They are providing us with US EPA approved safe chemicals, operating checklists, training support, videos and support materials to add to our repertoire of processes and procedures, and will be conducting regular reviews in all properties, as part of this association”, he added

LC Das, Managing Director – Diversey India and Subcontinent, speaking about their specialised products—Virex II 256, Oxivir and Suma are produced following stringent guidelines and conform to global standards. “These specialised chemicals are for usage across all public spaces, guest rooms, food and beverage areas, and support locations used by the team members. We shall be assisting Lemon Tree Hotels with training and SOPs in all their locations, pan India. We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Lemon Tree Hotels at this challenging time and help them raise cleanliness and hygiene standards, as they prepare to welcome back their valued guests.”

Here are some of the components of the Rest Assured initiative:

Masks and demarked spaces

Demarcations have been made for queues, elevators and public areas, and seating arrangements have been re-defined to adhere to these norms. The usage of clinically approved protective equipment, including gloves and masks, by each team member, has been made mandatory. Masks are also mandated for all guests.

Regular temperature checks for all guests, visitors and team members, using non-invasive digital thermometers while entering the hotel, is mandatory. All team members will receive regular reminders to wash and sanitise their hands. Sanitiser dispensers will be made available across public areas for guest usage, with clinically approved sanitizer that contains a minimum of 70% alcohol.
Sanitise, and sanitise some more!

Specialised, hospital-grade disinfection chemicals, including Virex II 256, Oxivir and Suma product lines from Diversey, which target a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria, will be utilised for all cleaning and sanitizing the property.

On agenda:
• The hotel team will ensure continuous sanitisation of all public areas and back areas, including all surfaces, floors, furniture, tabletops, counters, elevator buttons, doorknobs/handles and equipment.
• A special focus would be laid on cleaning, sanitisation and inspection of all property vehicles before and after every use.
• The daily cleaning and sanitisation of all occupied guest rooms will be done. They will be sealed for 48 hours after every checkout.
• The hotels will ensure development and deployment of digital menus, house rules and directories of service, which can be shared with guests electronically and are viewable on personal phones.
• Mandatory quarantining of all non-perishable supplies would be done once they are received at the property.
• All the dishes would be prepared in small quantities to ensure fresh food is available to all guests.
• Training and sensitisation of all team members on all cautionary and preventive measures, in partnership with Diversey
• More emphasis would be laid on toughness solutions. Numerous contactless modes of digital payment across properties would be encouraged.
• Adherence to all guidelines issued by governmental authorities and WHO across all properties, as well as FSSAI norms for food production and service.

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