Lords Hotels and Resorts reopens with heightened safety and hygiene protocols

The group has elevated its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)through their new initiative “Karona safe Rahona Safe”

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Lords Hotels and Resorts has resumed operations with heightened precautionary measures. The group has elevated its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) through their new initiative “Karona safe Rahona Safe”.

The enhanced protocols includes social distancing, contactless check in, sanitisation, in room dinning, thermal screening of guest, alloting room to the guest after 48 hours of the previos check-out to mention a few.

Commenting about the initative Pushpendra Bansal – Chief Operating Officer – Lords Hotels and Resorts said “ We upgraded our standards, practice, technology and tools as per the new Government guidelines. We are also spacing out employees and avoiding staff gatherings. We have implemented multiple recommendations in our hotels and across the organisation in accordance with guidelines published by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSAAI)”.

In addition to these measures the hotel group has also designated a COVID warrior who overseas that all the systems are in place and no staff or guest takes a short cut to the same. The warrior also solicit guest’s feedback on how the hotel can futher fortify efforts to their satisfaction. 

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