ITC Hotels to go single use plastic free with its front of the house functions

The work is already in progress to make back of the house single use plastic free by December, 2019

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Continuing with its tradition to uphold responsible luxury and sustainability, ITC Hotels recently announced that it will be terminating single use plastic products from its front of the house operations with effect from October, 2019. Talking about this initiative, H C Vinayaka, ITC Hotels Division technical, EHS and sustainability VP says, “For over two decades, ITC has been committed to adapt sustainable practices in its operations. With responsible luxury as our guiding premise, ITC Hotels continues to uphold its commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle." Besides, the hospitality arm of ITC has also declared that the work is already in progress to make its back of the house functions plastic free by December, 2019.

Right from cocktails stirrer to wooden stirrer, regular toothbrush to bamboo toothbrush, plastic bottles to glass bottles, regular comb to bamboo comb, cotton buds to bamboo based cotton buds, plastic cutlery to wooden cutlery, all toiletries at ITC Hotels comes in a bio-degradable environment friendly packaging, thus eliminating further use of plastic.

“As a part of the initiative,” says, Vinayaka, “a cross functional task force has been created at ITC Hotels to undertake a detailed assessment on the usage of single use of plastic, thereby identifying possible alternatives and a plastic free roadmap for the future.”  Further he states that every single plastic item used at the hotel is carefully scrutinised by the team. “A total number of 350 distinct items were identified. The plastic generated at the ITC Luxury hotels was quantified - which was about 2.5 lakh kg/year. The key contributors included 150 lakh water bottles, 15 lakh straws, 8 lakh stirrers, 8 lakh toothbrushes, 7 lakh ear buds, 3 lakh shoe shine and others. The focus was the elimination or substitute for these single-use plastic items,” adds Vinayaka.

The other sustainable initiatives undertaken by ITC Hotels include 'Sunya Aqua', ‘Radiation Free Hotels’ among others.

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