AH International dives into Sri Lanka’s growing hospitality industry

The hospitality solution-provider company launch its Sri Lanka operations to grow in the Asia Pacific region

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AH International began with a simple intent: provide creative OS&E solutions for India's maturing hospitality industry. While simple this intent would grow into a new business model connecting clients to manufacturers, delivering quality products, services and experiences, simultaneously thinking towards economy and practicality in each of its partnerships across India & Asia.

AHI provides single-window solutions for hospitality OS&E requirements: sourcing and manufacturing products tailor suited to client needs for In Room, Housekeeping, F&B, Kitchen, Banquet, and Front Office departments. We pride ourselves in helping clients achieve across-the-board brand consistency and scalability with our prompt dispatch and innovative stock strategy solutions. Ours is a team committed to lasting relationships, built upon trust and the promise of a job well done.

AH International has successfully ventured into the Sri Lanka Hospitality market – Hence rapidly expanding its reach across Asia Pacific with their peerless approach towards providing only the best solutions to meet the client’s needs. 

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