Eco-mmodation: Why eco friendly accommodation should run the world!

Hotels realised the demand for an experience that is not only unique but doesn't harm the environment

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No! We are not gearing up to mark Earth Day (April 22, for those unaware)! We see all kinds of reports and articles being shared on the eve of Earth Day and nothing post that! Same is the case with Earth Day, we celebrate it once a year by shutting off the lights for an hour, cut down our water usage or not go out at all to do your bit on ‘that’ day to curb pollution. This is truly and majorly the case with our society.

Representing around 5% of a country’s building economy; hotels provide accommodation to almost 50% of domestic and international visitors. The services provided are highly resource intensive i.e. heavily dependent on energy, water, food etc. No wonder, hotels are said to highly impact the environment. Post the Paris Agreement, every single entity around the world is innovating ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The hotels weren’t left behind.  

Going the sustainable way
Hotels realised the demand for an experience that is not only unique but doesn't harm the environment. They have thus, started using more efficient heating, cooling, and lighting systems; they promoted the use of recycled and sustainable materials, and thus, doing their part to improve footprint. However, they are also trying to bust the myth that top-quality accommodation and sustainability are mutually exclusive. Subsequently, these eco-friendly accomodations are popping up in exotic, tropical destinations, offering stunning views, superb service and first-rate facilities, while supporting the environment and giving something back to the local community.

The green benefit
Resource efficiency is the key mantra of green technology, saving money for the hotels in the long run. One of the most prominent ways is to replace incandescent light bulbs which uses 60 watts of power with LED lights which are lasting and highly efficient which might use 6-8 watts of power to generate the same amount of light so as to reduce electricity bills. More revenue at less cost, it’s a win-win for green hotels.
Hotels exhibiting products and services with some pretty impressive green credentials and national sustainability certifications draw ecologically-minded guests to their locations. This helps your hotels stand out, your brand to make a mark as compared to less eco-friendly hotels. Another major advantage of having green credentials backing you up is that you are prepared for any new upcoming environmental restrictions that may come in the future.
By employing green technologies and methods, you’re opening up a hotel’s green corridors to a set of population which in other world you may not have come across; taking your brand’s value to a ‘greener’ level. The hospitality industry has an incredible opportunity to actually make a difference in the fight for environment conservation without sacrificing their opportunity to serve the guests with quality experience. The ‘green’ efforts by the hotels are just the beginning of a movement to change the way they do things for the betterment of the universe.

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