Accor tackles imbalance of gender diversity by launching 'Women in Leadership Disrupting Food & Beverage'

It is the 1st culinary festival dedicated to female Chefs in Asia at the Sofitel Saigon Plaza, Vietnam

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WILD F&B (Women in Leadership Disrupting Food & Beverage) is a network of female food and beverage leaders in Asia Pacific who will provide support for our female talent by role modeling their own career success, offering career guidance to young talent, giving an outlet for open discussions to share ideas and challenges, and help Accor to create a more inclusive working environment for F&B  talent.

By launching WILD F&B, Accor tackles the imbalance of gender diversity in the F&B industry by offering support for female talent such as career guidance and leadership forums.. During the world’s 1st WILD F&B forum, Ho Chi Minh City has hosted talented female Accor Heartists of Southern Vietnam.

We must encourage more female talent to continue their careers

On October 15th, a private focus group was hosted at the Sofitel Saigon Plaza. Driven by Christine Rumble, Chief Talent & Culture Officer for Asia Pacific, this session gathered 22 women who are working in restaurants, bars and kitchens across Vietnam. They discussed what challenges they face in the F&B industry and how we can improve gender balance in our hotels. In a creative and constructive atmosphere, participants shared their stories and suggested ideas for attracting more women into this industry.

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