Uttarakhand’s ’13 district-13 destination ‘scheme takes off, 13 new tourist destinations on the map

Each 13 districts will get one tourist attraction each

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The Uttarakhand government has agreed to develop 13 new tourist destinations to boost tourism in the state. Trivendra Rawat, Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, has been quite active in searching for new tourist destinations in the state as per a campaign.

The funding for the project will be provided by a Shanghai-based New Development Bank which has agreed to offer financial assistance of INR 1200 crore to the government of Uttarakhand. Also, the Central Government has given the permissions for loans.

Now, the Uttarakhand government under its’13 district-13 destination ‘scheme has shortlisted 13 new places for the development of new tourist hotspots. Under this project, one district will get one new tourist attraction.

As per reports, the State Government will soon finalise a formal agreement with the Shanghai-based bank if everything goes fine. The work will begin only after the formal agreement is done at these 13 spots.

Dilip Javalkar, Information and Civil Aviation Secretary, in a ceremony informed that the helicopter service between Chinyalisaur and Gauchar will begin this month from Dehradun.

As of now the government is busy making a budget to develop new tourist destinations. Considering the geographical location of Uttarakhand, a lot of importance is being given to the development of new airstrips which will help improve air connectivity and boost tourism in the state of Uttarakhand. As of now, new airstrip constructions at Chaukhutia, Srinagar and Pabo are under consideration along with expansion of Pantnagar Airport.

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