Igloo accommodation is the new attraction for Manali tourists

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The concept of Igloo stay is catching up in Manali, especially amongst tourists who are on a leisure trip this winter. As per reports, more and more tourists are opting to stay in igloos rather than any other accomodation.

While the temperature in Himachal Pradesh is already sub-zero, tourists are looking for a different yet warm accommodation. And what more than Igloos, which is made of snow and ice, is providing tourists with one-of-its kind stay experience at Manali.

For many tourists, who have never had the chance to experience a real Igloo, are finding this new concept of Igloo stay at Manali very interesting. However, when the temperature at night falls down to minus ten or more, the igloos prove their worth by keeping the guests warm and snug. A typical igloo has a warm bedding, lights and decorative objects to beautify the interior.

However, the maintaining the igloo as per the temperature at times proves to be achallenge for the owners.

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