‘Lullabies’ for hotel guests: The new luxury

Hotels have a gone an extra mile to make things seamless for guests.

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Vastu Shastra highlights sleep as an important aspect of good health. To enjoy sound sleep, a peaceful environment is of utmost importance, a place that reverberates with positive and harmonious energy that enables its free flow. Music does have the same affect profoundly. It alters our mood and creates or triggers rich memories.

Care is at the center of hospitality industry, the experience business, of the world. So, it comes as no wonder now that global luxury hotels are now opting for music in hotels has a big impact on guests. Hotel background music is an integral part of a hotel’s brand identity. The music played can have a positive effect on your customers and influence their decision to stay there again in future and spread word-of-mouth recommendations.

Hotels however, have a gone an extra mile to make things seamless for guests. Soothing sleep music to help guests in hotels take a nice relax nap. Sleep is the new luxury. The innovative ways that luxury hotels are employing to give jet-lagged business travellers a good night's sleep proves just that. Turndown services in hotel rooms today talk in-room guided meditation, foot reflexology session, sleep food menus, aromatherapy pillows and steamshower facilities.

The ones to give a restful travel experience
Novotel Hotels entered a multi-year global partnership with Calm App designed to help guests achieve inner calm and enjoy a more restful travel experience. The partnership emphasises the vital role of sleep, mindfulness and self-care while travelling. “Wellness travel is growing twice as fast as tourism overall, with sleep and mental well-being proving extremely important to consumers in new or unfamiliar environments, such as hotels,” says Aleena Abrahamian, head of Strategic Partnerships, Calm.

Hyatt wants to help its guests relax and feel more at home so they’ll extend their stays at the company’s hotels. The Chicago-based hospitality company partnered with Headspace, which provides guided meditation videos, relaxing sounds that help people sleep and breathing exercises, and will offer those services to hotel guests, corporate customers and Hyatt employees.

The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas offers the multi-pronged A Good Night's Sleep Package includes a session with a sleep therapist, gel-infused pillows that stay cool during the night, bedtime stretching tips, and a Drift to Sleep spa treatment designed to slow internal rhythms and put you in the mood to snooze.

ITC’s Luxury Collection hotels throughout India have outfitted rooms with design touches to help you fall asleep and stay asleep (soundproofed windows, blackout shades, motion-activated floor lighting), a Sleep TV channel with specially commissioned music, and a bedside Sleep Box with soothing essential oils for your pulse points, earplugs, pillow sprays, and a detailed booklet with meditation and yoga techniques as well as other bedtime tips.

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