Hey millennials, hoteliers expect you the most to be their guest!

Millennials have an interesting and peculiar takes when it comes to their ideologies, values and way of life and travel

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A rapid fire session with the estimated jury of the recently concluded Hotelier India Awards 2019 gave us fairly good idea as to the kind of guests they expect or prefer to have at hotels, millennials! Why so? Because they are the most bankable generation who influences trends! Grown up in an era when the world saw a sea change in the way of living and thinking, technology easing up things for mankind and globalisation, millennials have an interesting and peculiar takes when it comes to their  ideologies, values and way of life and travel.

CB Insights listed key findings on how millennials are disrupting the hospitality and the tourism industry:

  • An AirBnB study from 2016 showed that many millennials prioritise saving for their next trip over paying off debts or saving to purchase their first home. (Interesting!)
  • Another found that 21% of millennials would accept a lower salary if it meant they could travel more frequently.
  • The majority millennials would even be willing to sacrifice their Netflix subscription, coffee, alcohol, carbs, in favour of travelling, according to Forbes.
  • Many are turning their backs on traditional guided sightseeing tours and bus excursions in favour of more authentic travel experiences.
  • Travelling millennials want to find hidden gems and local favourites that capture the true essence of a destination.
  • While the combination of millennials’ high expectations, budget conscious mindset, and desire for authentic experiences poses unique challenges to traditional travel businesses, it also means greater opportunities for companies ready to cater their discerning tastes.

Booming age of influencers
The hospitality industry can’t seem to turn a bling eye to the economical charm that these millennials possess. So, the millennial masses have seemingly taken the hospitality industry by storm, reports after reports are stated this. There is now a ‘millennial-friendly’ approach in the hotels’ offerings and also in their marketing strategies.

The hospitality industry which focused primarily on Baby boomer generation has shifted demographics; they now want to give much of their consideration to the preferences and choices of millennials. This is for the simple fact that the millennials aspire to see the world. Full of enthusiasm, this generation has a sense of adventure and wants to experience the best travel opportunities possible.

So, the hospitality industry or the hotels are now including time-saving technology for business travellers, putting customisation and personalisation aspect and bespoke service for guests, or social experiences and new concepts for an upcoming generation of millennials. Creating an environment which blends wisdom from experience with the quest for purpose of the millennial will be the key that hoteliers are looking for.

Hotel design is being transformed to cater for the millennial traveller through the evolution of lobby design, common social spaces and the more efficient use of space in hotel rooms. The world’s luxury hotels are now geared up for some time by launching or acquiring millennial-friendly hotels.

So, you millennials are the most sought out right now! You are now to play a major part in turning around and uplifting one of the world’s top economies.

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