What does a traveller expect 2020 to be?

Majority of travellers are now looking at tourist destinations and hotels that are sustainable and technologically superior

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The question seems simple, but the answer is certainly complicated. The desire of every traveler revolves around ‘new year, new travel experience’. The allure of travel philanthropy is that travellers return home having had a unique experience and feeling accomplished in the small difference that they may have made. Travel philanthropy can look different to everyone, but the key component is that travellers want to feel that their trip was meaningful.

Travel trends over recent years have included immersive travel, sustainable travel, multigenerational travel and skip-gen travel. Travellers are buying less and doing more; instead of buying a new car or an expensive TV, they’re opting for longer or pricier trips, tours, or dining experiences. While all of these have their merits, the travel landscape continues to evolve.

From the rise in eco-friendly hotels to the search for authentic experiences, the world of travel has never been so ‘woke’. We have compiled a list of few of things that an avid traveller expects the 2020 to be:

  • To be a ‘second city’ traveller: ‘Second city’ travel is a very quirky term for exploration of lesser known destinations. The best part about offbeat destinations is that they are secluded, and have lesser tourists during the peak seasons, it's always better to travel to places that are lesser known. Commercially, offbeat destination may not mint money but majority of the travellers, the avid ones really wish to explore a country’s ‘best kept secret’ and not ‘must see’ places.

  • Slow journeys: This is the part where travellers really want to take care of the fact that they minimise the environmental impact owing to tourism and travel. They wish to slow down and have richer experiences than to fly around the world in the fastest mode of transport and experience nothing. This may include anything from going cruising, taking the very local transport mode, go walking or cycling; anything that won’t take away the essence of your travel experience. Take it slow!

  • Go ‘way off’ track: Travellers, along with the wish to have ‘offbeat’’ destinations, are also looking to go quite well out of their comfort zones and explore. Some travellers live outside their comfort zone, that’s how they thrive. The act of leaving your comfy bed, crossing an unfamiliar border, and immersing yourself in a new culture are all part of leaving that restrictive comfort zone.

  • Culinary ambitions: At the forefront of every travel is food. Interestingly, food is one of the deciding factors when choosing a new place to visit! Probably, one of the important reasons, people keep on returning to a place year after year. Discovering foods you have never tried before, is something every one of us wishes to do. So, hotels and tour managers do take a note!

  • Pet travel: To put it out, pets are family! So, you ought to take your pets on a family trip! Railways and airlines have already amended rules that allow tourists to carry pets to destinations. Though there are hotels that are ‘pet-friendly’, many of them falls under the ‘luxury’ tab. The millennials and the Gen Z are on the lookout for places that doesn’t burn much of a hole in the pocket but also makes the pet ‘feel at home’!

  • Expect the tech wish to follow: All and every wish of a traveller can be put aside, except for good food and having a technology hand. Man, especially, the millennials and the Gen Z are increasingsly dependent on the digital world. They want to go for the offbeat and ‘way off’ destination and places, but they still want to be in constant touch with the real world.

  • Digital security: The ‘digital native’ travellers, however, do worry about the digital security and data privacy. Travellers expect tour operators to move away from old insecure methods of collecting and storing data and bring about high-end security.

Hotels must be cognizant to the ‘wishlist’ the 2020 travellers has put forth!  At the dawn of the new decade, not only is a new generation of travellers coming of age, but many of them are quite aware of the carbon footprint and environmental issues. So, they are looking for a trip where being sustainable and tech-savyy, co-exist.

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