Auckland War Museum takes visitor experience to next level with its virtual reality offering

The Antarctica Experience, by White Spark Pictures
Credit - White Spark Pictures
The Antarctica Experience, by White Spark Pictures

A number of tourist spots, these days are coming up with new and innovative experiences in order to draw visitors to their destination. Riding on this new trend is Auckland War Museum, which has recently curated a one-of-its-kind experience titled as ‘The Antarctica Experience’ for their visitors through virtual reality technology.

Credits- by Johny Goerend

This touring event features a 21-minute 360-degree virtual reality (VR) film experience wherein the visitors sit in 360 spinning chairs with a VR headset. The film follows Australian Antarctic researchers and explores different aspects of their everyday life in Antarctica. Through this immersive experience, the visitors can transport themselves into Antarctica and see first-hand the work that goes into understanding climate change, managing ecosystems, researching sustainability and conserving wildlife.

The Antarctica Experience, Credits: by White-Spark-Pictures

This virtual reality adventure will run from 21st December, 2019 until 3rd May, 2020. Besides this, the visitors will also explore Antarctica from a helicopter cockpit, land on glaciers, discover the resident penguin colony and see the new chicks. They will also explore the Davis Station and logistics that go into surviving the harsh Antarctic conditions along with viewing the spectacular Southern Lights in high definition.

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