Mumbai 24 Taas policy approved: Maximum city to go on with its unfettered night life

Mumbai's nightlife goes into a 24/7 business cycle; excise rules have not been touched and pubs and bars will close as usual at 1.30 am.

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Mumbai is set to join the ranks of global cities that never sleep. Starting end of this month itself, as part of Mumbai 24 Taas (Mumbai 24 hours), as the initiative is called, shops, multiplexes, malls and restaurants in the non-residential areas of Mumbai, such as Nariman Point and the Bandra-Kurla Complex, will have the option to stay open round the clock.

State Tourism Minister Aaditya Thackeray said, “Those who feel that they can do good business can keep their establishments open throughout the night. There will be more jobs in the service sector apart from the existing five lakh jobs. There are people who work in night shifts. Where will tourists in transit go after 10 pm if they are hungry?” However, excise rules, however, have not been touched and pubs and bars will close as usual at 1.30 am.

As a pilot, the move will be launched across gated spaces and non-residential areas that have their own CCTV surveillance and parking facilities, and where decibel levels can be curtailed. As of now, standalone establishments will not be part of the push, which will cover restaurants inside malls that do not serve alcohol. Food trucks will also be allowed to operate through the night at prominent locations like Nariman Point. Unlike other major cities of India which have access to unlimited space but limited active hours, Mumbai has little scope to expand further, therefore it must capitalise on existing resources by keeping them open longer.

In 2017, the then chief minister Devendra Fadnavis had proposed the same to keep establishments open round the clock. However, it was opposed by the police department citing the additional burden that would be caused to maintain law and order. The strength of the Mumbai Police is 40,000 at present, of which only half are engaged in the actual task of keeping law and order.

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