Bollywood sets travel goals for Indians and to an extent to the world

The role of films has expanded a lot from serving entertainment to becoming the medium of bringing opulence to the new destinations

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January 25th marks India’s National Tourism Day. To raise awareness about Indian tourism and how it facilitates the economy of the nation, the government promotes the rich diversity we have in the nation. The essence remains to celebrate and promote, using it as a benefit for attracting more visitors from the world over.  Even Indians are in for surprise when they travel, as every nook and corner of the country presents a different picture.

India offers several forms of tourism such as cultural, nature, heritage, educational, business, sports, rural, medical, cruise, and eco-tourism. But the most trending form of tourism is ‘film tourism’. With 'film tourism' clearly trending as Indians set their travel goals around movie themes and iconic places made famous by bollywood, 2020 will see an increase in bollywood-inspired vacations, according to Travel Trends Report 2020.

With a bunch of the finest actors of all time, India has always been popular among the entertainment lovers. India holds the potential to receive up to 1 million film tourists by 2022. Bollywood destinations in demand include Lake Como and historic Venice in Italy, Switzerland's Gstaad, Montreux and Zurich, Amsterdam, Bruges, Innsbruck, Spain and Portugal, as per the report by Thomas Cook (India).

The role of films has expanded a lot; from serving entertainment to the audience and earning profits to becoming the medium of bringing opulence to the new destinations. The locations shoots are projected in such a way to attract audience that they undergo a sudden urge to visit those marvelous destinations.
The vast Indian film presence indicates subtle roles in tourism, establishing or reinforcing perceptions and stirring motivations to visit the range of pre-established attractions across the country. A future research on the subtle role of film on India’s tourists and the filmic representations of the people would do a great deal of good for the Indian tourism industry. Overall, film tourism in India has much emerging potential.

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