Chef Gordon Ramsay in Kannur, Kerala for filming documentary on Malabar cuisine

Ramsay is expected to travel to remote locations to provide a boost to Malabar cuisine and native chefs.

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Chef Gordon Ramsay, the international chef, restaurateur, and television personality, was in Kannur, Kerala reportedly shooting for a documentary on Malabar cuisine. This is expected to feature native chefs from north Kerala, especially Kannur. The British chef, whose restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin stars in total, was spotted at Muzhappilangad Beach in Kannur earlier this week.

A report by New India Express states that Ramsay, who posted a video of the drive-in beach on his Instagram stories had captioned it with the hashtags #Uncharted and @NatGeo. Ramsey had flown down to the state for the second season of his National geographic series 'Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted', it is learnt.

"The chef had arrived with a large team at The Malabar Beach Resort, Kannur, in the early hours of Monday. He spent the day shooting the series at the beach and other locations nearby, before leaving for Coorg," said Stephin Thomas, Manager of The Malabar Beach Resort.

The series is expected to provide a boost to Malabar cuisine and native chefs. The culinary adventure series shows Ramsay travelling to remote locations to engross himself in indigenous cuisine and learn more about the same through local chefs. Gordon had mentioned that Kerala was a highlight, on one of his earlier travels to India.

Going by the looks of it, having popular Malabar cuisines in the Michelin-starred restaurants in the dining capitals of New York and London will be a reality very soon, thanks to Chef Gordon Ramsay.

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