Conrad Bengaluru has now implemented in-house bottling plant with 30% reduction in carbon print

They will be able to optimise the recycling of water and further reduce costs moving forward

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Marking the 2nd Anniversary with A Cause, no opportunity is left unturned for the hotel to contribute. As consciousness of many individuals has awakened with recurring concerns about plastic and pure water, Conrad is focused on the reduction of plastic and carbon  footprint through the installation of an in-house bottling plant.

It is estimated to produce 5,40,000 bottles annually, which will contribute a 30% reduction in carbon footprint. Spread across 50 sq. m., the electricity required for such a set-up is as low as 0.0028 units per litre of water.

Taking a step towards a better tomorrow, Conrad believes guests travel with purpose. The re-usable glass bottles sterilised after every use and sealed with the tag, sets the stage for a greener and cleaner surrounding.

The next big thing for Conrad Bengaluru to further optimise the conservation of water. Earlier this month, they introduced real-time monitoring of water consumption and water recycling. Through this initiative, they were able to monitor the quality of water at hotel and quantities of consumption at any given time of the day or night. 

Through this mechanism, they will be able to optimise the recycling of water and further reduce costs moving forward. Hilton has taken a pledge to reduce the water consumption at each of their hotels. By 2030 they target to reduce consumption by 50% of the current year.

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