Bar Palladio Jaipur at Narain Niwas Palace Hotel exudes cerulean fantasy

Bar Palladio Jaipur in Hotel Narain Niwas Palace marries the opulence of Venice and the colours and motifs of Rajasthan, for a breezy, bohemian vibe.

Bar Palladio Jaipur, the indigo blue and white fantastastical bar and diner at the luxury heritage hotel, Narain Niwas Palace, is as enchanting as the Rajasthani city’s fabled palaces and forts.

The breezy cerulean and cream interiors, handpicked by owner Barbara Miolini, blend the opulence of Venice with the colours of Rajasthan. The interiors were designed along with Marie-Anna Oudejans, a Dutch designer who also owns the label, Tocca. According to Oudejans, the decision to cloak Bar Palladio in blue, was an impulsive one. It is royal, much like the peacocks of the palatial hotel.
Bar Palladio is a warm, bohemian, candle-lit wonderland, with a series of small tented pavilions. The elegant bar and diner is sumptuous, but with an unhurried air about it. Miolini, who lived in Asolo, close to Venice, before moving to India, has infused her love for her home country into her adopted home. “Jaipur’s creative identity has been tied to block printing for hundreds of years. It contains the touch of the hand, the weight of tradition. Italy and India are two countries that believe more is better, that worship colour and sensuality, where luxury is a way of living.”
Oudejans conceptualised Bar Palladio as a maharaja’s palace from the 1960s. Rajasthan’s tradition of wall painting thus forms a large part of the design at Bar Palladio.

The Bar
While the design is fabulous, a bar is as much about the cocktails and spirits it serves, as about the ambience. Bar Palladio serves up classics with a few Rajasthani twists. It also has an extensive cocktail list and a wide selection of wines and spirits. Among its innovative cocktails is Chandrahaas, a heritage liqueur made from over 80 herbs, spices and dry fruits. It’s exclusive to the royal house of Kanota, to whom Narain Niwas Palace belongs.

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