Check Inn Hotels opens first hotel in Delhi

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Check-Inn Hotels Pvt Ltd, today announced the commencement of operations of its first mid-market Hotel “Check Inn” at New Delhi, India. With this announcement the company has also heralded the latest concept in hospitality – Select Service Accommodation.

Located at Babar Road, in the Heart of the Business District of Connaught Place in the National Capital, the first of the Check Inn Hotels has 43 rooms was made operational in exactly nine months of taking possession.

Hemal Modi Chief Executive Officer, Check Inn Hotels said, “Check Inn has been developed by Indians for optimum use for Indians. Having a complete understanding of in the Indian usage pattern we have developed a product that has all the utilities with a touch of vanity to ensure the sanity of the accommodation experience. Check Inn has developed a model with primarily concentrates on the accommodation experience. All the backend activities are outsourced. My Back End Business is someone else’s front end. In this way the operational efficiency is achieved with precision. Check Inn Hotels will be present in metro cities within central business districts, extending a seamless experience for the frequent business traveller”.

“Since the business model is focused on accommodation spaces, we have a room to staff ratio of 1 : 05 . This enables the operations to be extremely functional and efficient,” added Sohail Faruki, General Manager – Operations, Check Inn New Delhi.

“Ensuring a complete financial discipline, we have been able to complete the project within the short span of just a year. Since this was a cold shell conversion here at in Delhi, the per key cost came to INR9 lakhs. A cost for a new build would be approximately INR 15 lakhs a key without land,” continued Modi.

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