Cooking for the Record

MS Raj Mohan, director, Hotel Management and Catering Studies, Mary Matha College in Tamil Naidu, has managed to fulfill his dream of more than six years as he entered the Limca Book of Records for the longest solo cooking marathon by cooking non-stop for 48 hours. Along with that he also entered the India Book of records and Asia book of record. The previous Asian and national record in Longest Solo Cooking Marathon was 35 hours. “We prepared 1,204 recipes in the 48 hours – including 257 non-vegetarian dishes and 947 vegetarian dishes. The total weight of the cooked dishes was 307kgs. This record now entered into Limca Book of Records, India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records and officially approved as world record by USA based organisation RecordSetter. I’m the first Indian chef to hold this world record. I crossed cooking the first 100 dishes in three hours,” says chef Mohan. A team of 35 people worked day and night to assist him in achieving the feat.

The total weight of the dishes prepared was around 307kgs with 285kgs of vegetables, 34 kgs of meat, chicken and seafood and 10ltrs of milk, 20kg of oil and 300 eggs. The prepared 1,204 dishes were then distributed to the orphanages through a city-based NGO Palakarangal Trust.

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