Town Hall, Mumbai, is a nostalgic ride back to the post-independence era

Designed by Group DCA, the Mumbai outlet celebrates the hospitality brand's community spirit through a design that encourages interaction

Town Hall, Mumbai, Group DCA, Design, Community spirit

In the first ever Town Hall - in Delhi - the aim was to establish a distinct identity, while enduring and persisting with old world charm that the brand resonates. For its Mumbai outlet, the archetypal character and identity of Town Hall persists imbibing the brand's historic context in to a contemporary set up, Nestled in a concrete and glass building in a highly commercialised and modern day Mumbai, the challenges were multifold in this project for Group DCA, the designers had to navigate the high-rise residential tower typology and still retain the classic feel of the space.

As the name ‘town hall’ suggests, the whole zone with high ceiling is developed as a community space to foster uninhibited interaction. The space recreates the magic of the post-independence era. A contemporary design approach is maintained but with hints of colonial heritage and the industrial spirit. An array of spaces are designed through different sections, both for individuals and larger gatherings, within this design scheme. 

French windows and cast aluminium columns, metal lettering and the clock tower signage, the design of the planters and the railing all reinforce an exclusive experience. The semi circular spatial layout is tied together by means of cast aluminium columns that bring in the European aesthetic, while adding volume and demarcation to the space. Plastered walls and pseudo balconies are elements that complete the vintage aesthetic. Large customized chandeliers augment the sense of symmetry while adding the classic sense of grandeur to the space. The wine display unit doubles up as a platform for the DJ on the top, offering an excellent view of the patrons.

The lighting design focuses on people, the conversations and the overall experience. While daylight is maximised through the windows,  each table is well lit with mood lighting, either from individual lamps on the side or the pendant lights, sourced from Khan Market, New Delhi. The lamp designs were chosen to match the antiquated design vocabulary. Materiality and design elements at Town Hall, Mumbai, are all bespoke and custom, in line with the design intent; cast in situ terrazzo floor, cast aluminum columns, the walls finished in distressed plaster and painted in white and a dark, antique brown colour add to the antique aesthetic.

Varied types of seating spaces with highlighted backdrops add character and provide an array of experiences for the patrons. Tables made from reclaimed, sandblasted teakwood are matched with the sofas and chairs upholstered in leather. The stools are handcrafted from brass, while the chandeliers and bracket lights are customized and handmade. Entering the Town Hall is akin to being transported to a different time, breaking away from the madness of the city outside and finding respite in its charming ambience.

Group DCA is a multi-disciplinary architecture & interior design firm, based out of New Delhi. Founded in the year 1996, the firm has to its credit award-winning projects across diverse typologies such as residential, retail, hospitality and workspaces. Spearheading group DCA are architects Amit Aurora and Rahul Bansal, who through their individual expertise have contributed towards the firm’s robust image, with a special focus on delivering design excellence with innovation, collaboration & value engineering. With their dedication towards contextual and sustainable designs, inspiring young talent and nurturing human relations, they lead an energized and enthusiastic team of over 40 professionals. Through its contribution in the realm of architecture and interior design, Group DCA has made a mark across India, South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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