The retro-glam style of Lemon Tree Premier Pune designed by Bobby Mukherjee & Associates
07 Aug 2019
BM&A marries modernism with schmaltz, kitsch with sophistication to create a trendy hotel with elements
Lighting in hotels  is turning out to be a crucial design function in order to elevate guest experiences
10 Jul 2019
Hotel insiders say lighting accounts for 10-20 per cent of the property’s energy consumption
The Park Mumbai eschews the trappings of the starry suburb to embrace the best of the neighbourhood
08 Jun 2019
THE Park Mumbai has a very distinctive strong design vocabulary that’s both minimal and indulgent
Space Utilisation: An emerging trend amongst hotels to identify spaces that can add to the revenue
16 May 2019
Industry experts propagate out-of-the-box thinking in identifying hotel spaces that can add revenue to the
New-age materials and innovations are revolutionising hotel flooring
08 May 2019
Industry experts talk about upcoming flooring trends, materials, innovation and textures in the segment
Morphogenesis conceptualises innovative design for India’s best hotels
08 May 2019
Rastogi's architectural forms are fused with the legacy of the past and the spirit of
JOI-Design transforms Ginger Goa into lean luxury format
06 May 2019
The prototype will form the framework for refurbishment of all Ginger hotels
Hotel Landscaping – A step in the right direction
17 Apr 2019
One of the most appealing things about a hotel is often the landscaping around it

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