Essential design tips from 3 hospitality experts

Design plays a very important role in driving profits for restaurants within hotels

Bobby Mukherji, Colour and light, Design, Esha Chaudhry, Restaurant services, Restaurants, Space planning, Sumessh Menon

Three of the top design professionals in the industry – Bobby Mukherji, Sumessh Menon and Esha Chaudhry give us their take on what works and what does not…

Bobby Mukherji: “The restaurants design has to tell a story and tease the customers’ senses. The design elements, lighting, music, smell, feel and comfort play a very important role. And finally, the food and the way it’s presented will make a lasting impression in ones mind.”

Esha Chaudhry: “I look out primarily for colour and light. The interplay of light and shadow adds to the overall effect, the engagement of outside light, during the day or at night is also something I notice instantly. These are natural by-products of intelligent space planning.” 

Sumessh Menon: “Some elements I always observe are the efficiency of the layout, the flow of restaurant services and even lighting. Very often the bar is tucked into an unseen corner or sometimes one sees undesirable seating that may look visually striking but is impractical or uncomfortable. This can inevitable cause the design to fail.”

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