Atul Chordia is Developer of the Year

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Panchshil Realty’s hospitality arm created a significant buzz near the end of 2019 by opening what can be considered one of the glitziest, glamorous hotels in India today - a study in decadence, luxury and elegance. The Ritz-Carlton Pune’s well-thought-out grandeur sits rather well with the character of the city of Peshwas. The 198-key property aims to attract the high-flying business traveller.

While The Ritz may be the new shining jewel in the Panchshil Realty crown as much for its opulent interiors as for the 24-carat hospitality experiences it offers, it must be said that Chordia runs a group that has single-handedly put Pune on the map of luxury hospitality; this, even as they built equally well-known assets in other industry segments. In just under two decades, Chordia, with his pioneering vision, has transformed the real estate and hospitality landscape in India.

Chordia has an innate ability to spot opportunities even when seemingly none exist; his entrepreneurial spirit, foresight and risk-taking ability has set the stage for Panchshil’s rapid growth. It was under his leadership that Panchshil brought Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the real estate sector with Merrill Lynch. His vision for Pune of the 21st century also ensured that the Government of India notified the very first IT and IT-eS Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the country as far back as 2006.

Panchshil is considered a pioneer in best practices in the construction and hospitality industries. As the industry stands poised for further transformation in the next decade, Panchshil, under Chordia’s strategic direction and guidance, is assuming the leadership position.

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