The Leela Udaipur's Anil Tayal warmly walked away with Hotelier India's 'Housekeeper of the Year' award

The ‘Housekeeper of the Year’ award at the 11th Hotelier India Awards 2019 in luxury to upper upscale category went to Anil Tayal from The Leela Udaipur.

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The ‘Housekeeper of the Year’ award at the 11th Hotelier India Awards 2019 in luxury to upper upscale category went to Anil Tayal from The Leela Udaipur. Here, is a short excerpt where we get to know a bit more about to Anil as he shares his thoughts on Hotelier India.

After spending 17 years in the industry and being recognised on a reputed platform like Hotelier India, it feels like a dream come true! This award holds huge importance in my life.

I have been fortunate to have many icons in my life. One of them is Namrata Marwaha, who taught me to take a stand for one’s team and also to never compromise with standards. Another icon, Louis Sailer taught me some valuable lessons. Rajesh Namby is another mentor who has always appreciated my ideas and motivated me to do new things. Last but not the least, my wife Nancy, who has compromised a lot due to my busy work schedule. I really feel lucky to have her.

A housekeeper cannot win without the support of his team. If you have a good team bonding, you get the results right. We have won many awards in 2019 and the credit goes to the team, which works dedicatedly, day and night, and are worthy of such awards.

My motivation towards my work is my biggest mantra. I accept all the new challenges and keep learning; this keeps me engaged. I just love being busy at work.

Five years down the line, I would like to be seen as a person known for his expertise in the field of hospitality and housekeeping.

I want to learn and grow, and ensure that there is an enhancement in both, my responsibilities and my skill sets.

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