Prasad Sonawane bags 'Housekeeper of the Year' award

The ‘Housekeeper of the Year’ award at the 11th Hotelier India Awards 2019 in economy to budget category went to Prasad Sonawane from ibis Mumbai Airport.

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The ‘Housekeeper of the Year’ award at the 11th Hotelier India Awards 2019 in economy to budget category went to Prasad Sonawane from ibis Mumbai Airport. Here, is a short excerpt where we get to know a bit more about to Prasad as he shares his thoughts on Hotelier India.

Winning the Hotelier India Award and that too on a platform of highest repute is always an astounding experience.

I am rejoicing every moment and celebrating the honour accredited to me. However, this award has entrusted me with more responsibilities of raising the standards of my work quality even further. I desire to be at par with some of the best-known leaders in the industry.

I consider housekeeping to be the backbone of any hotel. The factors that have led me here today are mainly my discipline, planning and time management in getting the things done adequately.

The most important factor I would say is aligning well with the other departments to cater to the request of changing guest needs and being flexible enough to deliver that, while working within the boundaries of the given means in terms of resources and infrastructure.

As I aspire to take on the next role of Rooms Division Manager in the immediate future, this award has definitely given me a personal and professional boost and assured me that I am on the right track.

My General Manager, Gaurav Chavan has been my guiding force. Taking from his past experience, he has been influential and instrumental in guiding me to effectively explore my role. His support and guidance have been my strongest pillars.

In the next five years, I aspire to see myself as the Director of Operations.

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