Quick gaze through the highlights of Ambiente 2020

Ambiente 2020, the central hub of the consumer goods industry with in total, 4,635 exhibitors from 93 countries presented the latest trends in the HoReCa segment

Ambiente 2020, Ambiente 2020: Hall 6.0, Ambiente 2020 highlights

The highlights of Ambiente 2020 are: 

Hall 4.0 featured exhibitors showcasing Table Contemporary Design

  • Oasis for the table

The Nappula series by Iittala distinguishes itself by its gently flowing, curved design and robust base. It provides a beautiful setting for plants. Available in three colours, the flowerpots warrant inspiring dining environments and are genuine attention getters, even when they are empty.

Exhibitor: Fiskars |  Stand: B10

  • Nudge: Nudging a feeling of indulgence

A hot drink and a snack, a pasta dish and a salad: Nudge is a Danish design which stands for numerous combinations and an extra pinch of pleasure.

Exhibitor: F&H | Stand: A30

  • A snack and a drink for two with one hand

Connecting guests: This oak place mat has a special space at both ends, just right for two glasses.

Exhibitor: LSA International | Stand: E51

  • Food à Porter

Alessi enriches the world with Japanese lunchbox culture – six different shapes in blue and red.

Exhibitor: Alessi | Stand: B11

Hall 4.1 featured exhibitors showcasing Table Prestige

  • When stackability becomes an art

    In 2020 Iconic La Boule combines four new multifaceted versions of its innovative porcelain sphere.
    Exhibitor: Villeroy & Boch | Stand: A01

  • Magic Garden: from seed to blossom

    The Magic Garden collection features intense patterns and colours, and its three independent décors – Black Seeds, Foliage and Blossom – symbolise the three development stages of a plant.

    Exhibitor: Rosenthal | Stand: C50

  • Shared hosting culture with style

    The new version of the cutlery set MOOD serves to intensify moments of togetherness – both festive and pleasantly casual moments. The centrepiece of the set is a highly polished capsule containing 24 special silver-plated place settings. It is accentuated by six surrounding dishes in different sizes made of Limoges porcelain.

    Exhibitor: Christofle | Stand: G30

  • Chessboard: 32 exquisite pieces on maple

Made of 925 sterling silver, the 32 pieces of this chessboard are gold-plated and beautifully match the high-quality maple and wenge board. The exquisite touch of refinement is further enhanced by the high-end gold and platinum line – at a pice of nearly 250.000 euros.

Exhibitor: Robbe & Berking | Stand: C05

Hall 6.0 was an all-exclusive for the HoReCa exhibitors

  • Delicate blue and discrete grey

    These subdued colours set elegant accents, combining with contemporary food creations to form a contemporary and visual artistic synthesis.
    Exhibitor: Schönwald | Stand: B99

  • Supported by teak

    Sophisticated rustic chic: The juicer and induction hob are stylishly supported by recycled teak. The natural qualities of the wood contribute to the durability of this HoReCa design.

    Exhibitor: Steelite | Stand: B41

  • A new concept of ceramics

The new series Rakstone stands for sharing, approachability and reliability. The new exclusive ceramic formula combines both earthy and vivid colours.

Exhibitor: RAK | Stand: B21

  • A canvas for creativity

    The Hygge series with its clearly-defined shapes offers chefs a canvas for the presentation of their signature dishes.

    Exhibitor: Bonna | Stand: B03

Hall 8.0 featured exhibitors showcasing Interior Design

  • Sustainable design

    Cut&Serve is a stylish chopping board that looks like wood. It is made from several layers of kraft paper sandwiched with tree resin. It perfectly matches the curved matte stone plates, so that your dining table will look just right.

    Exhibitor: Lind DNA | Stand: D30

  • Relaxation and fun in the garden

    The Lounger Stay is ultra-comfortable and weather-resistant – the ideal companion for a relaxing day in the open air.

    Exhibitor: Blomus | Stand: A20

  • Happy Living

    Make yourself comfy on the Hyg sofa and you’ll have no problem relaxing to your heart’s content. Moreover, the design is a real attention getter!

    Exhibitor: Normann Copenhagen | Stand: C20

  • A piece of Paris in your own home

    The curved Eiffel Tower luminaire from Qeeboo in an XL format provides a perfect touch of romanticism.
    Exhibitor: Qeeboo | Stand: D30

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