Food and beverage takes centre stage in New Delhi

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Food and beverage is one of the most important sectors in the hospitality industry and this was evident with the numerous brands set up at AAHAR 2019 – The International Food & Hospitality Fair.

Visitors could browse through an impressive array of food products, processing and packaging tools, dairy products, and a host of other related items. The stall which had one of the biggest crowds was Veeba. We spoke to Sameer Tiwari, assistant regional sales manager regarding the hype and he introduced us to Bene Tibi. “Earlier we manufactured sauces exclusively, now with Bene Tibi’s 14 flavours of cocktail/ mocktail syrups, we are targeting a whole new audience,” he says.

Kappi Machines drew an audience as well. Coffee is a must-have for most people. With that said hotels and restaurants require the right equipment to not only brew the perfect cup but also keep up with the demand. Their brand – Rancilio does just that. With thermal stability and touch screen programming interface with details of the last 30 brews makes this a must-have machine at any leading establishment.

Every chef will agree that people eat with their eyes first, hence their food needs to be visually impressive as well. That’s where tableware plays an important role in the overall presentation.

Ocean gave us a preview of their new collection – Connexion with its combination of modern and vintage design, the glassware adds a unique style to a bar/ table.

Clay Craft were proud to be only the second brand to launch porcelain. Their serving range with gold boarders were absolutely stunning.

Overall the fair had participation from countries, including China, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, the USA, the UK, Ukraine and the UAE making it one of  the most exciting exhibitions Hotelier India has been a part of.

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