Michelin develops a barometer to analyse COVID impact on its starred restaurants, as they reopen

As per the data released by Michelin, around 83% (i.e 2627/3172) of Michelin starred restaurants have resumed operations

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The Michelin Guide has developed a new mechanism to read the pulse of global gastronomy in order to inform and build awareness of their ecosystem. The Guide has come up with an international barometer to facilitate analysis of the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the Michelin starred restaurants listed in its selections.

The online tool is designed to provide the food service, and wider, tourism sectors with a global, real-time overview of the evolving rate at which Michelin-starred restaurants across the world are reopening. The barometer was launched in the month of March.

Each week, the barometer records the number of open Michelin-starred restaurants across all selections for the 32 destinations in which the Guide is established. In order to integrate with the system, the restaurants must demonstrate that they are open at least three days per week.

Every Tuesday evening, data from the previous week is updated and a qualitative comment analyses the situation. With its strong international presence, the Michelin Guide is calling on the support of its specialists in the field to update the tool. Guide inspectors are leveraging all their local gastronomic expertise and knowledge to gather information. Depending on the health situation in each country, restaurant data is collected either in the field, by phone or through digital research.

“By creating this barometer, we want to take the pulse of global gastronomy in order to inform and build awareness of our ecosystem. Just 21% of the 3,000 starred restaurants around the world are currently open. We hope that this evidence will highlight a sector that radiates economically far beyond the doors of restaurants," comments Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guides.

As per the data released by Michelin, around 83% (i.e 2627/3172) of its starred restaurants have resumed operations. “In Europe, the United Kingdom has demonstrated the strongest progression, with 123 out of 169 (73%) of Michelin starred restaurants welcoming guests again: an increase of 10 compared to week 32. Denmark, Ireland and Portugal have also shown slight growths with 88%, 78%, and 85% of Star restaurants open again. In France, two more establishments have reopened, bringing the total to 529,”  highlighted the Michelin Guide’s data.

In terms of Asia, the situation has remained steady. “Two restaurants have started to operate again in Thailand, and one in Hong-Kong and Macao, bringing the percentage of Michelin starred restaurants open to 90% and 80% respectively. In Brazil, 44% (8/18) of Michelin starred restaurants are welcoming guests once again (one addition in week 33), with 14% (29/209) reopening in the USA (seven additions),” the data added.

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