Interesting facts about Satbir Bakshi, executive chef, The Oberoi, Mumbai (that you didn't know)

Fun facts, Satbir Bakshi, Exceutive chef, The Oberoi Mumbai
  • Favourite cuisine:

Food translates into happiness for me. It evokes childhood memories of being with my mother and spending many hours in the kitchen with her, soaking up the smell, colours, sights and flavours. More importantly, it symbolises the coming together of people and celebration. I enjoy Indian cuisine and strongly believe that one should always cook with seasonal and local ingredients.

  • Unusual dishes and cuisines he has tasted on his travels:

On my recent visit to Shanghai, I visited the Michelin-starred restaurant, L’Atelier by Joël Robuchon. It has become a landmark in the gastronomy capital. We tasted world-class unique dishes such as the L'Oeuf Mirrior or Sunshine Egg and Spicy Eggplant, Fresh Coulis with Coriander, Le Caviar or Imperial Caviar and King Crab Refreshed with Crustacean Jelly, Cauliflower Cream and La Langoustine or Crispy Langoustine Papillote and basil condiment.

  • Inspiration:

Cooking is about dealing with a certain dichotomy. On one hand, preparing meals is a regimented process, one that involves precise measurements and preset allotment of time. However, cooking needs to be from the heart. It is an art form that involves the free-flowing exchange of creativity. The restaurant industry is rare; unlike other arts, you start from scratch every day and you have the opportunity to hit the home run with creativity and innovation.

  • Favourite book:

‘The Essence of French Cooking’ by Chef Michelle Roux Senior. I have briefly had the opportunity to meet with Chef Roux in the recent past. I love how the book explores the diversity of French cuisine and shares modern interpretations of classic dishes, with Chef Roux’s favourite twists.

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