Fitness Quotient

Hotels today are dedicated to maintaining the best gyms matched only by the passion of the fitness regimes of their guests

Health and wellness trends continue to drive customer decisions while making travel arrangements. Whether on a business trip or on holiday, the number of travellers who are keen to maintain their workout regime away from home is increasing. For many, this means heading to the hotel gym, either preceded or followed by several laps in the swimming pool. No wonder then that the number of hotels with fitness facilities has increased drastically in the past few years; the number is even higher for upper midscale and higher-end properties, with 95 per cent of these properties providing fitness centres at present.
In order to adhere to their fitness goals, guests prefer hotels with well-equipped gyms and other fitness options. Many guests prefer gyms bathed in natural daylight, with state-of-the-art equipment arranged in an orderly fashion, so that they can walk in and begin with their exercise regimens instantly. Echoing the sentiment, Gaurav Apte, general manager of JW Marriott Ahmedabad, says, “Gym facility is one of the top amenities provided in our hotels across the country. Each and every hotel presentation or contract includes information about the fitness facilities offered given that today’s travellers definitely look at the availability of a full-service gymnasium in a hotel.”

While some guests may want an unobtrusive workout, there are others who may expect a fitness trainer at the hotel. Addressing this demand, fitness instructors at Westin, Pune, interact with guests and suggest a workout according to their convenience and in line with their health problems. Assessing the details of guests, the instructor creates a personalised workout schedule and monitors the guest closely.

Guests can either build their cardiovascular fitness using the treadmill, undertake resistance training with strength machines or can grab a mat to stretch and alleviate stress. Along with airy surroundings, WestinWORKOUT fitness studios feature the finest exercise equipment from world-class brands for all levels of performance. The hotel provides everything a guest needs for an exhilarating workout, night or day.

Similarly, when IHG expanded its Holiday Inn Express brand portfolio in India earlier this year, it emphasised on the fact that its properties have 24-hour fitness centre so that guests could indulge in their preferred fitness regime any time.

With hotels demanding more, fitness equipment manufacturers, too, are upping their game. Technology has always been cutting-edge in the areas of health and fitness and manufacturers have been quick to adopt the latest trends. The Life Fitness brand has equipped their products with the ‘discover technology’ in the new Elevation Series. This technology enhances the interaction, internet connectivity and entertainment options in the tablet consoles on treadmills, cross-trainers, and bikes.
Speaking about the selection of equipment, Gaurav Tokas, assistant front office manager at Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport, says, “Before investing in any equipment, managers have to ensure that the equipment adheres to international standards. It is also important to pick the right brand so that there is an assurance of quality. Post-installation services, maintenance cost, and the availability of spare parts are some other critical aspects to be looked into.”

Fitness today extends beyond the precincts of a gym. In order to meet the need of each individual—pertaining to their strength and conditioning and the nature of their job—hotels today offer flexible training schedules that include endurance training, movement training, hypertrophy-specific training, strength training, and circuit training.

Shedding light on some of the programmes arranged at the Ayana Fort Kochi hotel, Akhil Behl, chief executive officer of Ayana Hospitality, says, “Thoughtful gym designs are now providing space for guests to indulge in mat and band exercises, cross fit, yoga, Zumba, and other such specially scheduled routines. At Ayana, we have recently introduced yoga classes at the roof-top pool and training sessions for Kalaripayattu, which is a form of martial arts in Kerala. Given the location of the hotel, we also have plans to schedule special local classes to take care of the fitness-conscious travellers.”
Gym maintenance is critical to ensure a consistent experience for the guests. Most hotels opt for annual maintenance contracts with the companies they purchase their equipment from. Whether it is a gym or a fitness centre, hotels today ensure that the fitness regimens of their guests are unaffected by travel.