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Top of the week to you.

There is a video online on the portal which puts Lalit Kumar’s talent in to perspective. Here is a young man, in his early twenties who can teach the best of us in Indian hospitality more than a thing or two in sale pitches.

Lalit’s product is relatively mundane; an effective mop. So selling them should be a pretty tough task. Not if you see Lalit in action in the video. It was difficult to miss the crowds at his stall, from whom a few always bought the mop. Apparently he sells 500 an exhibition day.

What made Lalit stand out and why I took a video of him? He was concise, played to his strengths and the crowd, and he carried the demo with admirable conviction. For me, he appeared to be the product, not just its salesman.

Lalit’s effectiveness in Indian hospitality is rather the exception. I have seen a fair bit of creativity in naming hotels and finding USPs which honestly is a marketing function. A few like Taj’s Gateway, Bajaj’s Le Sutra, ITC’s Royal Gardenia and Patu Keswani’s Lemon Tree come to mind.

I do not remember the mop’s name because frankly, it does not matter. I also do not remember a good sales pitch other than Tune Hotels’. Sales folk, whatever you are doing, is not effective.

Indrajeet Saoji, who heads our Architect & Interiors title saw the video and described Lalit’s technique rather well: “It may be a crude form of selling but it is effective.”

Roll your sleeves up guys, we are in the upswing, yet a crowded market.

Have a good week.

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