Basant Bhatt- Winner: Hotelier India Awards 2018, Front Office Manager of the Year, Economy to Budget

Basant Bhatt, Ginger Noida East

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As Assistant Hotel Manager of Ginger Noida East over the past 20 months, Basant Bhatt took the lead to approach IBS tower operators, successfully contracted with Reliance 4G towers, and invited Rs 4,20,000 of incremental ancillary revenue to the hotel. He initiated and got the laundry plant installed at the basement by a third party vendor, resulting in low cost operations and better quality of linen.

As directed by Bhatt, guest details with their Email ids and contact numbers are collected at the time of check-in, business cards are requested and the purpose of visit is understood. Initiating OTA leads from the front desk through PR calls, understanding their requirements, offering negotiated rate, and generating contracts since the last FY resulted in generating revenue of 27, 00,000 which saved 40,500 TAC. Additionally, with ‘No Refusals to same day arrivals’ initiative, the team has been able to drive 90% occupancy on weekdays and 75% occupancy on weekends.

For achieving a channelised employee engagement, Bhatt had identified focus areas for each team member, and mentored and supported them to meet the common objective. The new practice resulted in better process management and satisfactory LY score for the hotel.

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