Ashish Kumar Singh- Winner: Hotelier India Awards 2018, General Manager of the year, Economy to Budget

Ashish Kumar Singh, City Hotel Manager, Ginger Noida

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Ashish Kumar Singh has been with Ginger Noida for the past five years. As Hotel Manager, he was in charge of promoting business in NCR as well as pan-India, managing budgets and financial plans, setting up and achieving sales and profit targets, resource-management, troubleshooting, dealing with vendors and suppliers, and much more. Now, as City Hotel Manager, he has a proven track record of running successful operations that nurture and grow the business, cut costs and maximise profits.

In the past five years, Ginger Noida has gone from being a 83-keys hotel to a 179 one. It has been able to maintain 85%-90% YTD occupancy. Singh is now working on repositioning Ginger Noida as a ‘lean luxe’ hotel, in keeping with Ginger Hotels new identity policy. The plan includes re-imagining spaces to blur the lines between work and play and fusing global and local influences to create experiences that are vibrant, quirky, intuitive and smart.

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