Ankita Vaish- Winner: Hotelier India Awards 2018, Housekeeper of the Year, Upscale to Mid-Market

Ankita Vaish, The Gateway Resort, Damdama Lake, Gurgaon

Housekeeping, Hotelier awards 2018, Hotelier India, The Gateway Resort Gurgaon

As the Executive Housekeeper of The Gateway Resort since 2015, Ankita Vaish has developed a team within the department called ‘Fantastic Four’, whose core job is to dazzle and delight guests. While the entire HK team serves the rooms, the Fantastic Four interact with guests, understanding their likes, dislikes, wants, requirements et al, and feeds the information to the team on floor to enable them to customise guest experiences, plan special turndowns and cater to preferences. Vaish also successfully developed a fresh vegetable garden at the hotel on a piece of land that was left unused. She got the soil levelled and grew vegetables such as lettuce and bok choy.

Technology and Artificial Intelligence are the buzzwords and the future of almost every business, hotels being no exception. Vaish intends to turn hotel rooms into smart hub by leveraging technology. She plans on leveraging Alexa and Google Home for reinventing in-room experiences—from controlling lights, air conditioning and television to ordering food, calling for clearances and room cleaning.

Owing to her fine sense of detailing, Vaish has coached her team members on placement of pillows, alignment of curtains to placement of cushions, accessories such as note pads and pencils and the house telephone. Her team ensures covering of wires at the business centre, stitching of the carpet at the edges, the lighting of candles at waterbodies, the placement of water goblet in the minibar, and several such finer details.

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